About us

Big Range. Great Quality. Massive Heart.

DARLIN (Aust) started way back in 2009 by Phil and Michelle Lawson, when they saw a gap in the marketplace for unique, quality home décor and giftware wholesaling.

That gap presented an opportunity to supply a well-priced range of products made by small manufacturing businesses from all around the world.  In most cases, these businesses are just like ours - run by family.

Our range of products are made with heart and soul, with each piece has its own story and distinctive identity.

Our range of products include eco-friendly elements, like being hand made from recycled, repurposed or sustainable products.

Our range of products where the journey for each piece is from a manufacturer to finding its place in someone’s home, has created trusted and valuable relationships.

Relationships between retailer and customer. Relationships between wholesaler and retailer. Relationships between wholesaler and manufacturer.

Relationships that truly matter.

So, Phil and Michelle took a giant leap of faith, leavng their corporate roles and started DARLIN (Aust) – Your Wholesaler with Heart.

The tagline says it all and this, along with other ethical and positive life values, has carried this family business through to where it is today.

Phil and Michelle are the Founders of the Zig Zag Foundation, helping Australian children in need, with this organisation raising over $1,200,000 since inception.  Visit www.zigzagfoundation.org

The DARLIN Story

In 2009, the very first shipment arrived and the family home was jam-packed with gorgeous pieces of Acacia. Another container was not far off, so the business moved to a warehouse and has grown from strength to strength from that point.

Over the last 11 years, so many friendships have been formed from the basis of transparent and honest business ethics.

Our stockists love our products and their customers do too.

Phil and Michelle are always adding to the DARLIN range, sourcing the best quality and most unique pieces to make someone else’s house a beautiful, loving home.


The DARLIN Customer

There is a reason that once our customers find us, they stay with us. They know that we walk the walk, and talk the talk – sourcing the best products and providing a fantastically smooth service from ordering to fulfilment.

And our customers know that the products that we supply them will be cherished by the people who purchase them, creating a strong chain of goodwill.  

Here is some of what our customers have to say about DARLIN.

“We are proudly stocking DARLIN items, with the unique quality products always being well received by our customers. A number of their ranges have been very popular, since we started with them in 2016.

The customer service we receive from Michelle has been exceptional, and they produce a fantastic service from ordering through to fulfilment. The entire process is smooth.

Really love working with them! Beautiful décor and products, highly recommended. This relationship continues to grow stronger with time.”


Why work with DARLIN?

We care.  Everyone says it, but we actually do!  We care about your business and making sure you have the best range available to suit your store and your customers.

Our level of service is second to none – just ask any of our customers! 

When you order from us, you are ordering products made from one of many small manufacturers who are making beautiful pieces with heart and soul.   And because most of the range is hand made from recycled, repurposed, eco-friendly and/or sustainable products , both you and your customers can feel good about looking after our precious environment.

We offer NO MINIMUM DOLLAR SPEND – order what you need and go from there!

And, we have an amazing REWARDS scheme set up – the more you order, the more freight and product discounts you will receive.


What’s the big picture?

With our stockists, we are continuiing to grow and want to continue to do so. This is a two-way street, where we look after each other and cultivate success together, from a place of good-heartedness and prosperity.

And to be honest, the best way for us to flourish is for our retailers to flourish.

When you work with us, you discover the way that we do things, the DARLIN way, with heart and care.


How to get started

Working with DARLIN is easy – once you look at the products, see their originality and level of quality, you’ll just want to know more.

All you need to do is to register a website account and start browsing. 

Want to have a chat? No problem! Contact us at sales@darlin.com.au or just call Phil on 0437 0437 59, Michelle on 0400 433 400 or the DARLIN Agent for your area.