About us

Big Range. Great Quality. Massive Heart.

Life is vastly more than work and making money.

Which is why we have decided to incorporate our life values into our business. DARLIN has grown to represent wholesaling with heart and we see DARLIN as an extension of ourselves and hope to leave behind a legacy through its continued growth, love and support.

We are importers and wholesalers of just beautiful products.  We supply to retailers all over Australia & Overseas including giftware, homeware, kitchen, hospitality & furniture stores/interior designers/hotels, resorts, tourist & souvenir outlets/restaurants, deli's, cafe's & wineries/florists & garden centres/pharmacy, newsagents, post offices and photographers props.

We pride ourselves on the high quality, inexpensive products as well as positive and professional customer service. Our SALES AGENTS are always happy to assist you with ordering and viewing the products.


“From the front door to the back, there was little room to move in our house after our first shipment of product arrived in February 2009. With a second shipping container on the way, we knew we needed a warehouse. Since then, we have navigated our journey with a self-correcting course. With no experience in importing or wholesaling, it was a huge learning curve, but one we tackled head-on and have now become experts in the industry. We are so grateful to have met so many incredible people along the way who have helped us grow in the right direction.”


Overall, we want our products to make people feel at home. We take care in building collections that reflect that.

We have done that in a few aesthetic ways this year.

relaxed contemporary: blacks & neutrals set the tone for this look. Sleek finishes paired with natural & soft finishes create a contemporary yet relaxed style.
nautical: ocean blues, sea life silhouettes and driftwood set the tone for our timeless nautical aesthetic.
plantation: ornate palm designs, rustic finishes, hand glazed finishes and a natural colour palette.
coastal: soft seaside shades & natural leaf shapes create our coastal aesthetic. Distressed textures paired with smooth finishes create a lovely mix of texture.


Our mission is to add a personal touch to the wholesale industry by creating meaningful and lasting relationships with our customers.

The "how" is pretty simple: we provide excellent support & excellent product.

The excellence in our products comes through a combination of handcrafted elements, high-quality materials, and the sustainable element of the majority of our products.
We don't necessarily follow yearly trends - our products are carefully selected to emulate care, warmth, uniqueness, and meaning.


Amazing Customer Service - real people who really care
Unique Products - we design a lot of our products and have exclusive agreements with most of our suppliers
NO Minimum Order - there is no spend threshold before you can place an order!
Rewards for purchasing - be rewarded with product & freight discounts and many other benefits under the DARLIN Rewards Program


We regularly exhibit at the Melbourne and Sydney annual gift fairs in Australia where we showcase our entire range of products! You can see updated trade fair information as well as browse and buy on our website 24/7 at DARLIN.COM.AU.


DARLIN is consistently developing new products and would appreciate your feedback and suggestions. If you have a new product request or would like more information about our products please contact us!